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About Us

RK ENTERPRISE Founded on 2017 at West Bengal, India.
We are Operating Eastern & North Eastern Zone of India.

We are registered with MSME Udyam, Member of “Make in India” Project by Govt of India.

We are also registered with GEM Portal.
Our Team Have Sales & Service Experience more than 15 Years on NANOTECHNOLOGY, SOLAR-TECHNOLOGY etc.

We are also develop Game Add-ons. We are Specialist on development of MSTS Indian Routes & Stocks.  

We are specializes in developing, customizing, Servicing and selling of

1. Portable (Smallest In the World) Electrochemical Workstation & Devices (Potentiostat/ Galvanostat/ Impedance Analyzer)
2. Electrochemical Workstation & Devices (Potentiostat/ Galvanostat/ Impedance Analyzer)
3. AAA LED & XENON Solar Simulator
4. CCD based Spectrometer

5. Indian Add-ons of MSTS.


Our Management Team:

Mr. Shrutarshi Mandal

Founder, Managing Director


Mr. Animegh Mandal

Head of Development Team


Mr. Ansuman Maccick

Manager, Service Head, Eastern & Northan Zone


Mr. Sudipta Raj Das

Manager, Odisha


Dr. Jejiron Boruah

Application Specialist, Manager, North East


Mr. Rahul Mazumdar

Legal Adviser.

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