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Terms & Conditions

1.     For purchase any digital item authentic address proof is mandatory.

2.    Route Creator and the Route Distributer will be NOT responsible for any damage of your Computer System / Laptop / Mobile Phone after downloading & installing the route.

3.    Once the Payment made & the route shared, There will be NO Refund.  10% will be deduct from the Paid amount during refund before Share the Route.

4.    (Only for the Students & age bellow 18). This submitted google form will be treated as the official Confirmation from your guardian to purchase the Route.  

5.    Legal Action will be taken for any Re-Selling, Re-Distribution, Uploading on any online platform / website, Changing / Editing the Route and objects, using objects without Proper written permission from the Distributer.

6.    Once you left out from the official group, Your access for the route will be removed.

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